21 December, 2008

50% Bumiputra Quota for Housing Development in Kedah

I refer to the announcement that REHDA and the Kedah state government on the issue of the 50% Bumi Quota on housing project and that they will be setting up a committee to study a release mechanism for unsold bumiputra lots.

50% Bumiputra Quota
Kedah Gerakan Youth totally disagree with increase of the Bumiputra Quota from 30% to 50%. Though the policy had been proposed on swapped freehold land, we believe that such policy is nevertheless destructive to the development of Kedah and it must be noted that our country may be effected by the current global economic slowdown. There is no benefit to the state for the implementation of such policy, which the Kedah state government had failed to explained. It can also be seen that there is strong objection of this policy from leaders within Barisan Nasional as well as those from Pakatan Rakyat.

Release Mechanism
Instead, we loud the idea of "release mechanism" on unsold bumiputra lots. Such proposal should be implemented on those unsold lots under the existing 30% Bumi Quota in Kedah and perhaps, in other states in our country which do not have such mechanism. This is inline with our country's economic liberalisation process, such as the one announced by our Deputy Prime Minister Dato Seri Najib Tun Razak (on the release mechanism for the unsold 30% Bumi Quota Shares for Bursa Malaysia listing requirement.

Thank you.

Tan Keng Liang
Ketua Pemuda Gerakan Kedah
Naib Pengerusi Gerakan Kedah