23 May, 2013

Inquest Over N Dharmendran’s Sudden Death

I refer to the death of N Dharmendran after being remanded at Kuala Lumpur police head quarters.

The deceased, 32-year old was remanded after suspected to have been involved in the shooting of two men in Bandar Tun Razak two weeks ago. The deceased had complained of chest pains at about 9pm on Tuesday while being detained at the Kuala Lumpur police headquarters lock-up. He was immediately sent to the Kuala Lumpur hospital for treatment but died upon arrival there.

City police chief Deputy Commissior Datuk Mohmad Salleh said yesterday that post-mortem results revealed the victim might have been murdered while in police custody at the Kuala Lumpur police headquarters. He also said that the Bukit Aman CID investigators are now investigating the matter.

Notwithstanding the police quick response to investigate the matter, Kedah Gerakan Youth urged that an “inquest” be conducted to investigate the sudden death of the late N Dharmendran.

The proposed “inquest” is of public importance and must be held at the soonest possible to determine the cause of the sudden death of the late N Dharmendran.

Such death after under police custody would certainly tarnished public confidence in the police force.

It is utmost importance that this matter being investigated by an independent body such an “inquest”.

The cause of the sudden death must be known. Any delay would affect public perception towards the Barisan Nasional government.

20 May, 2013

Royal Commission Inquiry (RCI) on the 13th General Election

I refer to the recently concluded 13th General Election in our country.

Since the results being announced, leaders from the opposition Pakatan had been making allegation that the 13th General Election had involved fraud.

This includes allegation more than 40,000 foreigners had been flew into our country to vote. However, to date, none had been discovered except for a case where a Malaysian Indian man with a Chinese name was mistaken as Bangladeshi. The DAP leader who made the false allegation was reported to have apologized on the matter but only after the polls.

Legally in the event of any dispute or fraud, the opposition could file a petition in court to challenge the results of the polls within 21 days after the results being gazetted (expected in this month). Instead of just doing that, the opposition still continues to organize several rallies to oppose the result of the 13th General Election. Their leaders had been reported to continue making allegation via public speeches as if there’s fraud in the 13th General Election.

Such allegation had caused a false public perception over the 13th General Election and tarnished the image of the Election Commission. To make matters worse, these false allegations continue to be on record in blogs, facebook, twitter and other social media that can be easily accessed over the internet. It may be a source of reference in history.

Thus, Kedah Gerakan Youth proposes to the government that a Royal Commission Inquiry (RCI) be established to:-

(1)             investigate any allegation made towards the 13th General Election and determine truth behind such allegation; and

(2)             determine any procedural flaws that may have occurred during the 13th General Election and recommend ways to improve our country’s electoral system.

We hope that the opposition leaders in Pakatan will bring forward concrete evidence to substantiate their allegation of fraud in the 13th General Election.

Truth need to be on record.

13 May, 2013


I refer to the statement by former Court of Appeal Judge Mohd Noor Abdullah yesterday who warned that the Malaysian Chinese must be prepared for a backlash from the Malay community for their "betrayal" in the recently concluded 13th general election.

Source: Malaysiakini (12 May 2013)

With due respect to him, the general election is a democratic process where any Malaysian can choose whichever party they wish to vote. Their choice is not an act of betrayal towards any political party or community.

No doubt, Barisan Nasional may have lost the support of majority of Malaysian Chinese in the 13th general election. However, not all Malaysian Chinese voted for the opposition. There are still a large number of Malaysian Chinese who supported the Barisan Nasional government.

Thus, it’s grossly misleading for him to create a false perception as if all Malaysian Chinese had betrayed the Malay community.

In fact, there are also people from the Malay community who supported the opposition.

As a current member of the MACC complaints committee, Mohd Noor Abdullah should refrain from making any statement that would cause uneasiness among Malaysians after the 13th general election.

Kedah Gerakan Youth is of the opinion that MACC should review the position of Mohd Noor Abdullah in their complaints committee.

Everyone should work together to unite Malaysians after the 13th general election and not otherwise.

25 February, 2013

Hypocrisy In Pakatan's Manifesto

I refer to Pakatan Rakyat’s General Election Manifesto which was launched today.

Kedah Gerakan Youth observes that a number of the promises made in Pakatan’s Manifesto were similar to those made during 2008 General Election. However, these promises were never fulfilled in the states governed by Pakatan. For example:-

1.            To Lower Water Charges
In Pakatan’s Manifesto for 2008 General Election, they promised not to increase Water Tariff in Kedah and may even reduce it. However, in year 2010, Kedah’s Water Tariff was increased upto 100%.

Penang’s Water Tariff was also increased under the pretext of Water Conservation Surcharge.

2.      Implementation of Procurement by Open Tender
         Many of the state projects in Pakatan states were never awarded through Open Tender. Examples are Kedah’s Aman Central RM500 million shopping mall, construction of KUIN main campus (RM330 million), Amansuri condominium (RM109 million), Penang WiFi project (phase 2) and the award of Penang housing consultancy contract for Batu Kawan.

3.            Free University & Abolishment of PTPTN
There are currently 2 major universities under the governance of Pakatan states, being KUIN (Insaniah) and UNISEL. Since taking over Selangor & Kedah, Pakatan had never given free higher education to all students in UNISEL & KUIN. Both these universities relied on students using PTPTN loans to pay their fees. In 2011, Kedah Pakatan government had even increased the fees for KUIN despite protest from its students.

4.      150,000 Affordable Housing For All
Since taking over Kedah, Pakatan Rakyat had failed to build any low cost house for Kedahans. In the Auditor General Report 2010, it was stated that not a single low cost house was built by the Pakatan led Penang government.

5.      Academic Freedom & Abolishment of UUCA
In 2010, KUIN (under the administration of Kedah Pakatan government) suspended 5 students who protested against a decision of the university’s administration. The suspension was made under the provisions of UUCA. The suspension of the students was never reduced despite public protest.

6.            To reform laws to regulate logging activities
Despite public protest over environmental damage, Kedah Pakatan government still refuse to stop the logging of forest reserves in the state, including Pedu, Gunung Inas and the latest, Bukit Perangin.

7.      Media Freedom And Restoring Trust In Media Practitioners
In 2011, Kedah Pakatan government barred a number of media from covering Kedah State Assembly after these media reported the state’s failure to handle the flood situation. Even in Penang, certain media are not allowed to cover state functions from time to time.

From the examples above, Kedah Gerakan Youth are skeptical on the sincerity of Pakatan Rakyat in implementing all the promises in their latest manifesto.

The actions taken by Pakatan government in Pakatan states didn’t reflect their promises in the past 5 years.

Thus, we hope Pakatan Rakyat would review their Election Manifesto so as not to mislead Malaysians in the upcoming General Election.

20 February, 2013

Memorandum Kepada Menteri Besar Kedah - Hutang Kerajaan Negeri Hampir RM3 Billion

Tarikh:  20hb Februari, 2013

YAB Dato Seri Azizan Bin Abdul Razak,
Menter Besar Negeri Kedah
Wisma Darulaman,
Alor Star, Kedah

YB Dato Seri,
Hutang Kerajaan Negeri Hampir RM3 Billion

Dengan segala hormatnya, kami merujuk kepada perkara di atas.

Mengikut Laporan Audit Negara 2011 terkini:-

1          hutang awam oleh kerajaan negeri sudah mencecah RM2.6 billion;

2.         tetapi baki wang tunai kerajaan negeri Kedah hanya tinggal RM193.22 juta.

Hutang awam RM2.6 billion Kerajaan Negeri Kedah adalah setakat 31 Disember 2011.

Melalui siasatan Pemuda Gerakan Kedah, pihak kami mendapati hutang RM2.6 billion tersebut adalah tidak termasuk hutang bagi pembinaan KUIN iaitu sebanyak RM330 juta.

  Hutang Awam Kerajaan Kedah (31 Disember 2011)      RM2.6 billion
  Kos pembinaan KUIN melalui pinjaman bank                   RM330 juta

Anggaran hutang kini                                                            RM2.933 billion

Sebelum 2008, baki hutang awam Kerajaan Negeri Kedah adalah RM2 billion (menurut laporan Audit Negara 2011 yang dilampirkan di sini).

Maka hutang kerajaan negeri Kedah bakal mencecah RM3 billion (kenaikan hampir RM1 billion atau hampir 50% selepas PAS/Pakatan ambilalih pentadbiran negeri Kedah).  Tetapi baki wang tunai hanya tinggal RM193.22 juta.

Kami juga telah mendapati bahawa anak syarikat Bina Darulaman Berhad iaitu Kedah Sato Sdn Bhd telah mengambil pinjaman bank sebanyak RM330 juta untuk membiayai pembinaan kampus utama KUIN. Bayaran ansuran hampir RM50 juta setahun bagi pinjaman tersebut bakal bermula tahun ini.

Kerajaan Negeri Kedah juga telah mengumumkan belanjawan 2013 defisit berjumlah RM1.1 billion berbanding anggaran hasil RM640 juta. Jumlah peningkatan sebanyak RM105.6 juta tersebut dikatakan akan disumbangkan oleh hasil premium tanah serta bayaran jualan air mentah kepada SADA dan Kerajaan Pulau Pinang. Tetapi selepas dibentangkan belanjawan tersebut, kerajaan Pulau Pinang telah menolak jualan air mentah dari Kerajaan Kedah.

Oleh yang demikian, Pemuda Gerakan Kedah amat bimbang dengan keadaan kewangan kerajaan negeri Kedah dengan beban hutang yang hampir mencecah RM3 billion pada masa ini tetapi baki wang tunai hanya tinggal RM193.22 juta.

Kami memohon agar Kerajaan Negeri Kedah akan mengambil langkah sewajarnya untuk mengurangkan beban hutang yang telah meningkat hampir RM1 billion, iaitu hampir 50% sejak pentadbiran di bawah kerajaan PAS/Pakatan.

Beban hutang kerajaan negeri Kedah dapat dikurangkan sekiranya:-

1.                  pentadbiran negeri mengamalkan perbelanjaan berhemah; dan

2.          membuat kajian teliti sebelum membuat apa-apa pelaburan agar tidak mengakibatkan kerugian besar kepada kerajaan negeri.

Kami berharap YAB akan mempertimbangkan perkara di atas bagi menjamin masa hadapan negeri Kedah.

Sekian, terima kasih.

Bagi pihak Pemuda Gerakan Kedah,

Ketua Pemuda Gerakan Kedah

No. 5, Tingkat 2, Jalan Tengah,
Off Jalan Putera,
05100 Alor Setar, Kedah.

17 February, 2013

Press Release: Who Is Nick Xenophon Representing In Malaysia?

Press Release by Kedah Gerakan Youth (17th February)
We refer to the deportation of Nick Xenophon, an Independent Senator for South Australia yesterday.

Mr Xenophon has previously supported the movement of BERSIH which held a street demostration last year. The event ended up as a violent street demo and caused severe injuries to Malaysians and destruction of public property.

We would like to stress that the deportation of Mr Xenophon was in conformity with the laws of Malaysia. We believe Australia and other countries also have such similar immigration laws in the interest of their country.

As a mutual respect between both our countries, Mr Xenophon, who is also an Australian Senator should not attempt to interfere with Malaysia’s internal matter whether in the past, present or future.

On this basis, Malaysia should only deal with the current Australian government under the leadership of Prime Minister Julia Gillard, who has in the past confirm Australia will not interfere with Malaysia’s internal matter.

Thus, if Mr Xenophon has any suggestion which he wishes to bring forward to the attention of the Malaysian government, then he should proposed it using the right channel, being through the Australian government.

At this juncture, Malaysians are uncertain who Mr Xenophon is representing in Malaysia.

Malaysia is a democratic country with a free and fair election. We do not claim to have the perfect system but recommendations from our Parliament are accepted from time to time to improve our system. This includes recommendations from the opposition party.

Kedah Gerakan Youth, as part of Malaysians hopes Mr Xenophon would respect our country and would not blindly interfere with the internal matters of Malaysia in favour of any political party which he may favours.

Kedah Gerakan Youth Chief

26 January, 2013


Saya merujuk kepada hari Thaipusam yang bakal disambut oleh rakyat pada esok 27 Januari, 2013.

Pada pilihanraya lalu pada 2008, Pakatan Rakyat telah berjanji untuk mengistiharkan hari Thaipusam sebagai satu cuti umum dalam negeri Kedah.

Hari Thaipusam disambut oleh semua masyarakat Hindu dalam negeri Kedah dan adalah perayaan kedua penting selepas Hari Deepavali.

Tetapi malangnya, selepas hampir 5 tahun memerintah Kedah, Pakatan Rakyat masih enggan menunaikan janji mereka.

Kami difahamkan bahawa Kerajaan Negeri Kedah tidak akan mengistiharkan hari Thaipusam (yang akan berlangsung esok) sebagai cuti umum negeri.

Pemuda Gerakan Kedah kesal dengan janji kosong Pakatan Rakyat yang telah diberi kepada rakyat Kedah semata-mata untuk meraih undi pada pilihanraya 2008.

Oleh yang demikian, pihak kami berharap Menteri Besar Kedah Dato Seri Azizan Abdul Razak berterus terang dengan rakyat Kedah, terutamanya masyarakat Hindu samada kerajaan Pakatan Rakyat Kedah masih berpegang kepada janji mereka untuk mengistiharkan Hari Thaipusam sebagai cuti umum negeri Kedah.

Jangan lagi Pakatan Rakyat beri harapan kosong kepada rakyat Kedah.

23 January, 2013

Memorandum to PAS MB Kedah to Revoke Restrictions on Public Performance - Freedom Should Exist Not Just on Festivities

This Memorandum was submitted by Kedah Gerakan Youth to Kedah PAS MB this morning.

Hope he realize that the restrictions against Public Performance by Non-Muslim should be cancelled & not just granting of exemptions during festivities at their sole discretion.

 PAS government should respect non-Muslim Kedahans rights & freedom 365 days a year & not just on festivities.

16 January, 2013

MB Kedah: Singer dress for Chinese New Year must not reveal armpit, chest and thigh

Kedah PAS government now say singer dress for Chinese New Performance must not reveal armpit, chest & thigh. So, looks like cheongsam dress must change. See above example!

Isu Garis Panduan Hiburan Terbuka Kedah: Kerajaan Pakatan Kedah perlu membuat ketetapan akhir dan bukannya keputusan sementara yang tidak jelas

Dipetik dari Sidang Media Pemuda Gerakan Kedah pada pagi ini

Latar Belakang:-

(i)         Kerajaan Kedah telah membuat garis panduan baru bagi persembahan hiburan terbuka dalam negeri Kedah (“Garis Panduan tersebut”). Tidak diketahui sejak bila garis panduan tersebut diluluskan kerajaan negeri Kedah.

(ii)       Garis Panduan tersebut perlu dipatuhi untuk semua persembahan hiburan terbuka di negeri Kedah dan bukan sahaja bagi persembahan Tahun Baru Cina.

(iii)       Pada 15 Januari, 2013, Menteri Besar Kedah menegaskan bahawa program sambutan Tahun Baru Cina boleh diteruskan tertakluk kepada:-

“setiap peserta yang terlibat dengan persembahan di pentas pada program tersebut sama ada lelaki atau perempuan (kanak-kanak dan dewasa) mestilah berpakaian dengan sopan atau tidak menjolok mata”.

(iv)       Kerajaan Negeri Kedah juga berkata kelonggaran akan diberi bagi sambutan perayaan keagamaan dan budaya bagi kaum Cina, India dan Siam.


1.         Pihak Pemuda Gerakan Kedah tiada bantahan kalau kerajaan Negeri Kedah ingin menetapkan garis panduan untuk pakaian sopan bagi hiburan terbuka.

2.     Tetapi kenapa Kerajaan Negeri Kedah masih enggan membatalkan Garis Panduan tersebut khususnya:-

(a)        larangan penyanyi wanita dewasa membuat persembahan umum. Hanya penyanyi lelaki atau penyanyi wanita di peringkat umur persekolahan sahaja dibenarkan.

(b)        penyanyi hanya dibenarkan menyumbang nyanyian dengan iringan muzik minus one (ertinya “live band” akan dilarang).

(c)        penyanyi hanya boleh mempersembahkan lagu-lagu yang berunsurkan “ketuhanan” ataupun nasihat.

3.         Larangan ini terpakai kepada orang bukan Islam di negeri Kedah dan adalah tidak wajar.

4.         Kenyataan Menteri Besar Kedah hanya menyatakan persembahan bagi Sambutan Tahun Baru Cina dibenarkan tertakluk kepada pemakaian sopan. Tetapi kenyataan beliau tidak secara khusus membatalkan semua syarat-syarat lain dalam Garis Panduan tersebut.

5.        Pemuda Gerakan Kedah menggesa agar Menteri Besar Kedah memberi kenyataan yang jelas untuk:-

(a)        membatalkan semua Garis Panduan tersebut bagi aktiviti-aktiviti yang dianjurkan oleh orang bukan Islam (kecuali garis panduan untuk pemakaian sopan yang tidak menjolok mata); dan

(b)        memberi jaminan kepada rakyat Kedah bahawa polisi-polisi sedemikian tidak akan lagi diperkenalkan oleh kerajaan Pakatan Kedah.

6.      Garis Panduan tersebut mencabul hak asasi rakyat Kedah dan satu lagi usaha PAS Kedah untuk memaksa polisi mereka ke atas pihak lain.

7.       Menteri Besar Kedah harus selesaikan isu ini dengan serta-merta bagi semua orang di Kedah dan bukan sahaja untuk Tahun Baru Cina.

8.       Kerajaan Pakatan Kedah perlu membuat ketetapan akhir dan bukannya keputusan sementara yang tidak jelas (“there must be finality on the issue, not just temporary vague decision”).

14 January, 2013

Evidence: Kedah PAS Government Ban Female Singers From Performing in Public

This is yet another extremism by PAS government and their attempt to impose their will upon others.

Should we continue to listen to DAP and support PAS?

Don't let our country be controlled by PAS.