17 February, 2013

Press Release: Who Is Nick Xenophon Representing In Malaysia?

Press Release by Kedah Gerakan Youth (17th February)
We refer to the deportation of Nick Xenophon, an Independent Senator for South Australia yesterday.

Mr Xenophon has previously supported the movement of BERSIH which held a street demostration last year. The event ended up as a violent street demo and caused severe injuries to Malaysians and destruction of public property.

We would like to stress that the deportation of Mr Xenophon was in conformity with the laws of Malaysia. We believe Australia and other countries also have such similar immigration laws in the interest of their country.

As a mutual respect between both our countries, Mr Xenophon, who is also an Australian Senator should not attempt to interfere with Malaysia’s internal matter whether in the past, present or future.

On this basis, Malaysia should only deal with the current Australian government under the leadership of Prime Minister Julia Gillard, who has in the past confirm Australia will not interfere with Malaysia’s internal matter.

Thus, if Mr Xenophon has any suggestion which he wishes to bring forward to the attention of the Malaysian government, then he should proposed it using the right channel, being through the Australian government.

At this juncture, Malaysians are uncertain who Mr Xenophon is representing in Malaysia.

Malaysia is a democratic country with a free and fair election. We do not claim to have the perfect system but recommendations from our Parliament are accepted from time to time to improve our system. This includes recommendations from the opposition party.

Kedah Gerakan Youth, as part of Malaysians hopes Mr Xenophon would respect our country and would not blindly interfere with the internal matters of Malaysia in favour of any political party which he may favours.

Kedah Gerakan Youth Chief