25 February, 2013

Hypocrisy In Pakatan's Manifesto

I refer to Pakatan Rakyat’s General Election Manifesto which was launched today.

Kedah Gerakan Youth observes that a number of the promises made in Pakatan’s Manifesto were similar to those made during 2008 General Election. However, these promises were never fulfilled in the states governed by Pakatan. For example:-

1.            To Lower Water Charges
In Pakatan’s Manifesto for 2008 General Election, they promised not to increase Water Tariff in Kedah and may even reduce it. However, in year 2010, Kedah’s Water Tariff was increased upto 100%.

Penang’s Water Tariff was also increased under the pretext of Water Conservation Surcharge.

2.      Implementation of Procurement by Open Tender
         Many of the state projects in Pakatan states were never awarded through Open Tender. Examples are Kedah’s Aman Central RM500 million shopping mall, construction of KUIN main campus (RM330 million), Amansuri condominium (RM109 million), Penang WiFi project (phase 2) and the award of Penang housing consultancy contract for Batu Kawan.

3.            Free University & Abolishment of PTPTN
There are currently 2 major universities under the governance of Pakatan states, being KUIN (Insaniah) and UNISEL. Since taking over Selangor & Kedah, Pakatan had never given free higher education to all students in UNISEL & KUIN. Both these universities relied on students using PTPTN loans to pay their fees. In 2011, Kedah Pakatan government had even increased the fees for KUIN despite protest from its students.

4.      150,000 Affordable Housing For All
Since taking over Kedah, Pakatan Rakyat had failed to build any low cost house for Kedahans. In the Auditor General Report 2010, it was stated that not a single low cost house was built by the Pakatan led Penang government.

5.      Academic Freedom & Abolishment of UUCA
In 2010, KUIN (under the administration of Kedah Pakatan government) suspended 5 students who protested against a decision of the university’s administration. The suspension was made under the provisions of UUCA. The suspension of the students was never reduced despite public protest.

6.            To reform laws to regulate logging activities
Despite public protest over environmental damage, Kedah Pakatan government still refuse to stop the logging of forest reserves in the state, including Pedu, Gunung Inas and the latest, Bukit Perangin.

7.      Media Freedom And Restoring Trust In Media Practitioners
In 2011, Kedah Pakatan government barred a number of media from covering Kedah State Assembly after these media reported the state’s failure to handle the flood situation. Even in Penang, certain media are not allowed to cover state functions from time to time.

From the examples above, Kedah Gerakan Youth are skeptical on the sincerity of Pakatan Rakyat in implementing all the promises in their latest manifesto.

The actions taken by Pakatan government in Pakatan states didn’t reflect their promises in the past 5 years.

Thus, we hope Pakatan Rakyat would review their Election Manifesto so as not to mislead Malaysians in the upcoming General Election.