20 May, 2013

Royal Commission Inquiry (RCI) on the 13th General Election

I refer to the recently concluded 13th General Election in our country.

Since the results being announced, leaders from the opposition Pakatan had been making allegation that the 13th General Election had involved fraud.

This includes allegation more than 40,000 foreigners had been flew into our country to vote. However, to date, none had been discovered except for a case where a Malaysian Indian man with a Chinese name was mistaken as Bangladeshi. The DAP leader who made the false allegation was reported to have apologized on the matter but only after the polls.

Legally in the event of any dispute or fraud, the opposition could file a petition in court to challenge the results of the polls within 21 days after the results being gazetted (expected in this month). Instead of just doing that, the opposition still continues to organize several rallies to oppose the result of the 13th General Election. Their leaders had been reported to continue making allegation via public speeches as if there’s fraud in the 13th General Election.

Such allegation had caused a false public perception over the 13th General Election and tarnished the image of the Election Commission. To make matters worse, these false allegations continue to be on record in blogs, facebook, twitter and other social media that can be easily accessed over the internet. It may be a source of reference in history.

Thus, Kedah Gerakan Youth proposes to the government that a Royal Commission Inquiry (RCI) be established to:-

(1)             investigate any allegation made towards the 13th General Election and determine truth behind such allegation; and

(2)             determine any procedural flaws that may have occurred during the 13th General Election and recommend ways to improve our country’s electoral system.

We hope that the opposition leaders in Pakatan will bring forward concrete evidence to substantiate their allegation of fraud in the 13th General Election.

Truth need to be on record.