14 April, 2009

Barisan Nasional Convention

It was announced late last year by our previous Prime Minister, Tun Ahmad Badawi, that a Barisan Nasional Convention would be held in February, 2009.

However, due to the UMNO general assembly and the recent appointment of our new Prime Minister, Dato Seri Najib Tun Razak, the proposed Barisan Nasional Convention was postponed.

I feel that the Barisan Nasional Convention should be held as soon as possible so as to enable all delegates of its component parties to discuss reforms in Barisan Nasional and be a forum to discuss issues relating to all Malaysians.

Such an event would enable our new Prime Minister, who is also the Chairman of Barisan Nasional to hear suggestions and listen to the grass roots of the component parties directly in a single annual platform. Further to that, I am of the view that such an event would also strengthen the relationship of the component parties in Barisan Nasional and promote its vision of representing all Malaysians. Currently, each of the component parties in Barisan Nasional would hold their respective annual general assembly separately and there is no platform for the members or delegates of the coalition (including those from Sabah & Sarawak) to meet in a single platform annually.

As such, I hope that our new Prime Minister, Dato Seri Najib Tun Razak would consider holding the Barisan Nasional Convention in due time and make it an annual event for Barisan Nasional as part of a rebranding and reform exercise of Barisan Nasional.