06 May, 2009

My Letter to DS Khaled Nordin to Request Exemption for PTPTN Loan Repayment

I refer to the previous policy by National Education Fund Corporation (PTPTN) whereby graduates who obtained first class honours for loans approved before 1st July 2005 may apply for exemption for the repayment of the PTPTN loan. However, I understand that this policy had been discontinued.

In view that it should be the utmost priority for our government to assist Malaysian students who excel in their studies, I would like to request Dato Seri to consider:-

1. allowing full exemption of repayment of the PTPTN loan for graduates who obtained first class honours for their undergraduate programmes; and

2. allowing a 30% discount of the repayment of PTPTN loan for graduates who obtained second class upper for their undergraduate programmes.

This would serve as recognition by the government of the student’s academic excellence and in line with the promotion of better quality undergraduates in local universities.

Currently, there are students who are given full scholarship to enter local varsities before achieving any result and who may not eventually performed up to expectation. Thus, it would be disappointing to see that Malaysian students, who were not granted scholarship initially but actually performed up to expectation not being rewarded for their academic excellence.

Lastly, I would like to congratulate Dato Seri for the success to date by PTPTN in granting opportunity to Malaysians to enter local universities

Thank you.