13 September, 2009


I refer to the statement by PAS Youth’s Deputy Chief, Azman Shapawi Ab Rani, that PAS Youth will be preparing a proposal on guidelines on sale of liquor in Pakatan Rakyat states. It was also reported that the proposal will include the ban on the sale of liquor in Muslim-majority areas in all Pakatan Rakyat held states.

With due respect to PAS Youth, such proposal will indirectly lead to further discrimination between Muslim majority and non-Muslim majority areas in the Pakatan Rakyat held states.
There are already sufficient current laws in Pakatan Rakyat held states which prohibit Muslim from consuming liquor. The only issue that PAS Youth should study may be any possible failure of enforcement of the existing laws in the Pakatan Rakyat states, if any. And PAS Youth should avoid making proposals that may discrimate areas in our country based on religion.

In this regards, I would also hope that Pakatan Rakyat leaders would immediately clarify whether the statement issued by PAS Youth is based on the policy adopted by Pakatan Rakyat so as to avoid confussion.