08 January, 2010


I refer to the arson attacks on 3 churches in our country.

Kedah Gerakan Youth condemns the despicable and shameful act of causing damages to the churches.

It is sad to see that there are cowards that are trying to cause disunity in our country, especially in time of controversy over the usage of the word “Allah”.

Our country had came a long way since independence in promoting unity among Malaysians, despite the differences in race and religion.

As such, Malaysians (in spite of any political differences) should all unite to condemn these cowardly attacks that threaten national unity.

We should not let the cowards celebrate in causing losses to the churches.

As an act of good faith in condemning the arson attacks, I hope that the government would consider assisting, including providing financial assistance to the churches, in repairing the damage caused by the despicable act of arson.

This should be in addition to taking extra security measures to protect the churches and all other place of worship in our country.