16 August, 2010


I refer to the statement by Perkasa yesterday urging for the government to review the proposal to carry out open tender for the sale of strategic land for development [ source: Bernama ].

Perkasa claims that such open tender process could erode “the little remaining assets owned by the Malay and Bumiputera”.

It is unfortunate that Perkasa is not supportive of the open tender process adopted by the government. Perkasa must understand that open tender will maximize the government’s revenue for the benefit of all Malaysians.

It will ensure that only those with merits, including the Malays, would win the open tender.

The claim by Perkasa that the sale of government’s strategic land by open tender could erode “the little remaining assets owned by the Malay and Bumiputera” is unfounded.

Article 89 of the Federal Constitution already provides for the protection of Malay reservation lands. Each state in our country also has their respective law to prohibit the sale of Malay reservation lands to non-Malays.

As such, the interest of Malays in the land of our country had always been protected by the Federal Constitution and could not be eroded by a mere open tender.

Besides that, open tender process would not exclude the participation of the Malays and Bumiputras.

On the contrary, such open tender process would ensure that ALL the Malays with merits would be given a chance to win the open tender process. The allegation of only the few privileged “Malay”" being awarded government projects would no longer arise.

Thus, the move by the government to adopt open tender for the sale of government’s land should be welcomed.