04 January, 2012


I refer to the recent controversy in Kedah surrounding the proposed cancellation of liquor license in Kulim after June, 2012. The proposed move is expected to affect more than 100 local shops.

In response to this, the Kedah PAS-led government claimed yesterday that they have not given any order to the Kulim district office to make it a non-alcohol district in July, 2012.

[ Source: The Star, 4th January, 2012 ]

In addition to this, several state Pakatan leaders, including those from DAP & PKR had implied that the proposed alcohol ban was made by the Kulim district office and not the state. Thus, they have no knowledge of the matter.

Over the past 3 years, we have seen in any controversy arising in Pakatan states, their leaders would tend to blame the state civil servant.

With due respect to them, state civil servant are part of the state administration and within Pakatan’s jurisdiction.

It’s regrettable that the Kedah PAS-led government has yet again tried to give impression as if the Kulim district office is not part of them.

Last year, Kedah Pakatan leaders also tried to distant themselves from Sungai Petani Municipal Council when local stalls were demolished along Jalan Cinta Sayang. In Selangor, Pakatan also disclaim their involvement in JAIS’s raid at a church, despite JAIS is a Selangor Pakatan controlled state agency.

It’s unfair for Pakatan leaders to constantly blame state civil servants when any controversy arises in their administration. The state civil servants are merely carrying out their duty in accordance to the policy of Pakatan Rakyat.

PAS policy to ban the sale of liquor is nothing new, even though it affects the rights of non-Muslim. In 2009, PAS manage to convince Selangor Pakatan state government to ban the sale of liquor in Shah Alam.

Thus, instead of shifting the blame to the state civil servants, Kedah PAS-led should immediately rectify the current fiasco and cancel their ban on the sale of liquor in Kulim.

Kedah Menteri Besar should look into this without any further delay, if the decision to ban liquor sale is really not theirs.