26 October, 2009


I refer the meeting between between Yang Berhormat and Menteri Besar of Kedah, Dato Seri Azizan Abdul Razak on 9th July, 2009 at Kuala Lumpur as highlighted by the media [source: Harakah Daily on 10th July, 2009].

It was reported that the issue relating to the increase of the Bumi Quota from 30% to 50% in certain housing development in Kedah was fully explained to Yang Berhormat and this matter had been resolved, together with other issues which led to the withdrawal of one of your DAP’s representative in the Kedah State Assembly from the Kedah Pakatan Rakyat’s state government.

About 4 months after the joint proclamation by Yang Berhormat and MB Kedah that the issues arising in Kedah had been resolved, the increase of the bumi quota from 30% to 50% for the certain housing development had remained in Kedah. Such policy could have been cancelled immediately by any state EXCO meeting without any further delay.

I understand that one of DAP’s policy on economic development is the replacement of the ethnic quota system with a policy of "merits and needs" [source:DAP Website]. As such, I am surprise as to the tolerance of DAP to join the administration in Kedah which not only support such ethnic quota system, but aggravating the system to a higher level.

It is now important for Yang Berhormat to explain why it was reported that Yang Berhormat jointly announced with MB Kedah more than 4 months ago that the issues arising in Kedah had been resolved when nothing concrete had been done until today.

Thus, I hope that Yang Berhormat would do the necessary to ensure that the joint proclamation with Menteri Besar of Kedah would be implemented by ensuring the immediate cancellation of the increase of the bumi quota in the certain housing development.

Thank you for your immediate action.