04 January, 2011


I refer to the poll conducted by Prime Minister Dato Seri Najib Tun Razak on what improvements Malaysia would like to see in year 2011. The poll can be seen at the Prime Minister official website.

Source: www.1malaysia.com.my

I would like to propose to our Prime Minister for our government to consider converting 50% of the PTPTN Education loan to scholarships for graduates of local universities who obtained 2nd Class Upper.

As I have said in my previous proposal to convert PTPTN loan to scholarship for 1st Class Student in local universities, this 50% scholarship would also serve as recognition by the government of the student’s academic excellence and in line with the promotion of better quality undergraduates in local universities.

Though the returns of this scholarship (which would require substantial budget) cannot be quantified in monetary terms, the development of human capital is the most important sector in any developed country. The result would be seen across all sectors in the country’s economy, in both short and long term.

Such scholarship would also indirectly grant a head start for these students in their career, who would otherwise be burden with substantial education loans.

In order for government to restudy this matter in depth, I am forwarding my proposal again as early as January, 2011.

I hope that the government would consider this proposal in the next coming budget for 2012.

I believe this would be line with our country’s 1Malaysia concept whereby the education of the people would also be first.