06 January, 2011

Pakatan Rakyat Should View Matters With An Open Mind & Not Misinterpret For Political Gains

I refer to the recent statement by Pakatan Rakyat leaders that I am a sexist and against pregnant woman to be state representatives.

During my conversation with a friend in twitter over the issue in the next coming general election:-

1. I was asked certain questions pertaining to Subang Jaya state constituency (where my friend says he voted in previous general election).
2. In the midst of our conversation, I asked whether “would (my friend) choose (a woman candidate from MCA - name withheld to respect privacy) or Hannah Yeoh, who will be on maternity leave soon”?
3. When asked by Hannah Yeoh what did I mean by “maternity leave”, I clarified that it merely mean, “you may not be able to service area during maternity leave, which you are entitled. Anyway, congratulation in welcoming your baby”.
4. I also immediately clarified to her that “I never say elected representative cannot be pregnant or take maternity leave”.

Clearly, no where in my conversation in twitter did I ever say I am against pregnant women to become state representatives nor did I request anyone to vote against pregnant women.

On the contrary, I have presented to my friend a choice of a pregnant woman to be the candidate of Subang Jaya state constituency in the next general election. How could I then be against pregnant woman?

Further, both of the candidates for Subang Jaya which I presented to my friend were women (which Pakatan Rakyat did not elaborate in their political propaganda against me).

I am also not against any woman taking maternity leave, being clearly the entitlement of woman which I reminded in my twitter conversation.

I understand the needs of certain politicans from Pakatan Rakyat to capitalize on any matters to salvage their current political predicament. This includes publicizing my conversation in twitter in the most negative manner that they could as they are now clearly lack of issues against Barisan Nasional.

It is unfortunate that Pakatan Rakyat has now caused the term “maternity leave” to be viewed as a sensitive matter in our country. Maternity leave should not be seen as a weakness of any person. Stating that someone will be on maternity leave should not be misinterpreted that the person is completely unfit to become state representatives.

I hope that political leaders, in particular those from Pakatan Rakyat should learn from this lesson so as to be more open minded in future and not to misinterpret the conversation of any person in the country while policing cyberspace for their political gains.