24 March, 2012

Form Panel of Experts to Review Batu Kawan Solar Panel (photovoltaic) plant to avoid China pollution crisis

About 2 weeks ago, I have raised concern over Penang proposed Solar Panel (photovoltaic) factory at Batu Kawan. This is in view of the environmental pollution crisis in Zhejiang village in China last year (September) as a result of such plant.

However, Penang government had brushed aside the matter as non-issue. No details were revealed as to how the state will avoid similar environmental pollution as in Zhejiang village.

Last Saturday, I have revealed that the proposed Solar Panel factory would also require Atomic Energy Licensing Board (AELB) approval as the plant involves radioactivity substance.

It has now been revealed that the Solar Panel factory has yet to obtain or even applied for AELB approval.

So, what will Penang government say now about this?

I would suggest Penang government form a panel of experts to review the proposed Solar Panel (photovoltaic) factory & ensure similar environmental pollutions in China won't happen at Batu Kawan.

We should not take risk on matters that can be averted.
Let's #savePenang