01 April, 2010


I refer to the question and challenge posed by YB Lim Kit Siang to our deputy Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin, whether he is a Malay or Malaysian first. It was also reported that YB Lim Kit Siang also suggested our deputy Prime Minister to step down if he considers himself as a Malay first rather than a Malaysian.

It was unfortunate and disappointing to read the reported reply by our Deputy Prime Minister that he considers himself a Malay first, a Malaysian as second. The appointment of the Deputy Prime Minister is to represent all Malaysians and not to prioritize any single race.

However, it would also be important to see whether YB Lim Kit Siang would be a fair politician to pose the same question to the heads of his respective partners in PKR and PAS, being YB Anwar Ibrahim and YB Hadi Awang, whether they are Malaysian first and Malay second.

YB Lim Kit Siang has failed to acknowledge the reality of DAP’s partnership with PAS and PKR.

To date, neither PKR or PAS has pledged their support for DAP’s Middle Malaysia concept. PAS has not openly pledge to discontinue their objective to create Islamic state and implementation of Hudud law.

In fact, ALL Pakatan Rakyat states are not implementing all of DAP’s Middle Malaysia concept.

DAP’s Middle Malaysia concept are now mere rhetoric policies for DAP’s own members’ consumption.

The failure of YB Lim Kit Siang to obtain a public confirmation from the heads of his respective partners in PKR and PAS that they are Malaysian first and Malay second would be an implied rejection of DAP’s Middle Malaysia concept by Pakatan Rakyat.

p/s: The logo above will be straighten only when DAP's Middle Malaysia is adopted by Pakatan Rakyat in ALL Pakatan Rakyat states!