15 October, 2010


I refer to the protest led by PAS Youth against the concert by Adam Lambert at Bukit Jalil stadium yesterday. PAS Youth claims that the concert promotes homosexuality and that it is obscene, uncivilised and unsuitable. It was also reported that the protestors were chanting “We oppose gay artists”.

This recent event by PAS Youth is regrettable. Such a protest has again humiliated our country and tends to show the backward thinking and narrow minded views of certain group of people in our country.

It is clearly a form of discrimination against the gay community in our country.

PAS Youth fails to understand that gay and homosexuality is an inherent nature of certain human. It is clearly not a form of culture.

How sure is PAS Youth that there is no gay and homosexual within PAS or Pakatan Rakyat?

The continuance of PAS to impose their belief and policies unto others should stop. If they are against any future concerts by foreign artist, then they should just ban their members from attending it.

PAS should not stop other Malaysians from attending such concerts and asking the government to ban it.

This is yet another selfish act by PAS. Malaysians are not interested in the backward and narrow minded thinking of PAS.