21 February, 2011


I refer to the news report that PAS Youth Chief Nasrudin Hassan stated that he will be having a dialogue on 24th February, 2001 with (Kedah) Gerakan Youth in Shah Alam on the implementation of hudud (Islamic criminal) law.

[ Source: The Star 20th February, 2011 ]

Link: http://thestar.com.my/news/story.asp?file=/2011/2/20/nation/8102738&sec=nation

I would like to clarify that:-

1. the dialogue arise from the earlier invitation from PAS Youth to explain Hudud Laws to me prior to the celebration of Hari Raya (as highlighted in media including PAS owned Harakah);

2. via my private conversation in Twitter with PAS Youth Chief recently, it has been agreed that the dialogue would be held in Kuala Lumpur on 24th February, 2011 between both of us only (not in Shah Alam);

3. the dialogue would enable Ustaz Nasrudin to explain their version of Hudud Laws that PAS & Pakatan Rakyat intend to implement in Malaysia while I would explain why I am against such laws in Malaysia;

4. my acceptance to meet PAS Youth did not mean that I am agreeable towards such implementation of Hudud Laws in Malaysia;

5. I am willing to meet PAS Youth Chief as I want to listen to their explanation of how PAS intend to implement Hudud Laws if Pakatan Rakyat takeover the country in the next general election. Moreover, PAS has now dominated the state administration of Kedah and Kelantan;

6. To date, Pakatan Rakyat has also refused to openly reject the implementation of Hudud Laws if they win the next general election; and

7. the dialogue with PAS Youth Chief would also give me the opportunity to explain to PAS why Hudud Laws are not suitable for our multiracial & religion country. I believe the people could no longer just rely on DAP to oppose Hudud Laws after their partnership with PAS and the refusal of Pakatan Rakyat to openly reject implementation of Hudud Laws.

I will issue a statement on the outcome of my dialogue with Ustaz Nasrudin at a later stage.