09 February, 2011

PAS Should Mind Their Own Business During Valentine’s Day

I refer to the news report that quote PAS Youth Chief Nasrudin Hassan stating that Pakatan Rakyat states, including Kedah, Penang, Selangor and Kelantan are planning a crackdown on "immoral acts" during Valentine's Day as part of a campaign to encourage a sin-free lifestyle.

It was also reported that Nasrudin said PAS Youth was also launching a campaign to promote a sin-free lifestyle during the period.

[ Source: AFP - 9th February, 2011 ]

I regret the statement by PAS Youth Chief that implied Valentine’s Day would be filled with sinful activities and immoral acts.

This is clearly a blatant insult to those who celebrate Valentine’s Day in Malaysia. It would indirectly cast doubt over the morality of all those who will celebrate Valentine’s Day.

PAS Youth must understand the nature of Valentine’s Day with an open mind and do not interpret the celebration with their “narrow mind”.

Malaysia, a multiracial and religion country, has long been a moderate country and free of extremism.

This latest statement by PAS clearly signify more efforts by PAS (with the support of their partners in Pakatan Rakyat) to create their extreme version of Islamic State in Malaysia.

These extreme idealogies of PAS are clearly not acceptable to most people in Malaysia.

I would advice PAS, in particular their youth section, to “mind their own business” during the celebration of Valentine’s Day.

PAS must learn to understand the culture of all Malaysians, comprising of various race and religion.

Thus, I urge Pakatan Rakyat to immediately redraw any plans to undermine the celebration of Valentine’s Day in Pakatan Rakyat states and not to prejudge the morality of those who will celebrate Valentine’s Day.